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Bianca Kersellius
Author. Certified Planner. Speaker

Bianca is a multi-talented entrepreneur who is passionate about event planning and creative expression. Her mission is to provide professional event services by creating experiences that call for collaboration and celebration. She is a dynamic planner with an eye for detail and enjoys bringing people together for special occasions. Bianca specializes in customizing events for clients and handling pressuring matters with grace. Within her personal and professional life, she is often viewed as THE planner as her skills have helped coordinate events ranging from social gatherings to corporate board meetings. ​


Bianca’s experience includes 5+ years of logistical planning of intimate occasions to large high-profile events ranging from 20 to 1000 attendees. She has also worked with a variety of organizations including nonprofits and corporations such as AT&T. Bianca holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Penn State University. While attending Penn State, she planned campus fundraisers and social gatherings through extracurricular activities as she held many leadership roles during undergrad. She also helped coordinate the Spring 2014 Commencement Ceremony as an intern with the school’s Marketing Department.

In August 2019, she obtained her event and wedding planning certification from the QC Event School. This certification led her to establish her own event planning company by launching Kersellius Kreations in April 2020. Her brand is not only meant to provide event services but to inspire others through her creative work as she is also an author and public speaker.

Bianca has recently become an indie author as she self-published her debut memoir entitled, InDEBTed on 3/31/21. This book is a personal reflection of Bianca’s life experiences related to post-college depression, adulting with student loan debt, and analyzing the disparities amongst the black community that stem from systemic racism. Click here to learn more about her memoir!



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